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At our very core, BLOCKFLIX™ is Hollywood's premier private lender for film, television, and premium digital/online content productions on a global scale. We've accomplished this over a decade of careful strategy development that couples a full-menu approach of production financing tools for producers and directors, with the skyrocketing demand for low to mid-budget ($5M - $50MM) projects to serve distribution platform needs.  

Investing in anything with significant return potential often requires increased risk; this is traditional investment theory. BLOCKFLIX™ has developed an industry-specific approach that changes that postulate. Through the new BLOCKFLIX™ Hi-Po Entertainment Production Capital (EPC), a 12.5% return on investment is targeted with a conservative risk profile. We achieve this via carefully curated lending options for entertainment productions that structure transactions to mitigate recoupment and performance risk. The investment capital we deploy is recovered at wholesale value prior to box-office or online release and completely decoupled from consumer acceptance. In our model, the performance upside (becoming a box office or streaming video hit) of any specific movie or television series is pure profit.

So why did we open up our investment capital opportunity to accredited investors outside of the entertainment industry? Easy: The demand for quality entertainment is at an all-time high right now. Studios and Streaming Video On Demand (SVOD) services have amassed huge, captivated audiences with not enough content to satiate viewer appetite. There's literally not enough capital financing available to serve the needs of producers and directors responsible for creating all of this content. 

Read more details below on why being an early-adopter to this investment vehicle can help you build real wealth.

How it works.


Who can invest.

Domestic Investors

  • Physically based in the United States, but NOT necessarily a US Citizen

  • Must have annual income above $200,000 individually or $300,000 with spouse in each of the previous two years

  • If not qualifying through annual income, a minimum net worth of $1,000,000 excluding home and auto holdings is required, individually or jointly with spouse

The BLOCKFLIX™ Hi-Po EPC is a private placement offering, and as such must verify the accredited domestic investor requirements above. Clicking the Invest Now button below will start this process with our verification partner. 

International Investors

  • Physically based outside of the United States, including US Citizens

  • No annual income requirement

  • No net worth requirement

The BLOCKFLIX™ Hi-Po EPC is a private placement offering, and as such must verify the accredited domestic investor requirements above. Clicking the Invest Now button below will start this process with our verification partner. 


The New Hollywood: 101

The major market shift we currently serve.

The production trend among the major film studios is an increasing shift towards larger budgeted “event” features (i.e., $100 million or greater) that offer more promise of being a runaway box-office hit. Think: Star Wars, Avengers, Frozen, The Lion King etc. Since these projects are typically self-funded and distributed by the major studios themselves, they only have the capacity to target 1-3 of these per year.

Consequently, studios have to increase their acquisition of third-party projects with smaller budgets (up to $50 million) in order to fill out their release slates and defray overhead. They do not, however, fund or distribute these productions solely. International distributors, which rely on the diminishing volume of studio product, are also in need of smaller budget quality content to fill their distribution pipelines. Similarly, SVOD platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, HULU etc.) demand smaller budget premium online content to satisfy the immense demands of their ever-growing subscriber base. ​

Independent film producers and directors are increasingly sought to provide these smaller budget projects. This is when they turn to BLOCKFLIX™ and why we finance their efforts. 

Why BLOCKFLIX™ is attractive.

Before BLOCKFLIX™, there wasn't a comprehensive and reliable financing solution for independent content providers. Typically these independent producers and directors would have to piece together a combination of financing through a long and difficult process with multiple lenders while lacking the knowledge, time and experience to arrange. Any single one of these financing links can derail a project at its worst, and at its best create pricing inefficiencies introducing unnecessary costs.

BLOCKFLIX™ is built to serve the financing and distribution needs of these producers and directors entirely with a full menu of services and solutions. We can unilaterally enable a project to succeed while providing our clients with a greater amount of creative control.

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Institute for the Future (IFTF) explains Blockchain technology in 2 minutes

What's Blockchain?

And why are we building with it...

Secure, transparent, and sound investment tech.

Put simply, blockchains provide a way to keep track of digital assets (money, votes, IDs, records of any kind) without the need for intermediaries, such as banks and other regulatory institutions. It serves as a public ledger system by recording and validating each and every transaction made, which makes it secure and reliable. It does this digitally through a massive network of computers that all verify and agree about the information, which makes the transactions immutable and prevents it from the threat of hacking.

We built the BLOCKFLIX™ Hi-Po EPC as a digital security with the help of tZERO, the global leader in blockchain innovation for capital markets. In doing so, we have done the following for our investors:

  • eliminated unnecessary middle-men complications

  • reduced fee overhead and settlement time(s)

  • increased security, privacy, and lowered the potential for hacking threats

  • expanded the fund's accessibility to a wider audience 



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