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Earn more. Wager less.

Act 1: A fresh take on investing. 

Traditional investment vehicles have left the modern investor bored and underwhelmed. Building true wealth takes consistent and reliable investment returns that demolish the 3-6% standard gains; but that's typically associated with much more risk. At least that's what your family and colleagues would have you believe. 

Enter Hollywood.

Box Office and Premium Online Content has skyrocketed the global film industry to become valued over $136 billion in 2018. If you've ever watched a thrilling movie in the theater or a great series on Netflix or HULU, you know how engaging entertainment productions can be. Profits from producing all of this entertainment though, have traditionally stayed with industry insiders and major studios. Until now. 

Hi-Po Entertainment Production Capital (EPC)

BLOCKFLIX™ recently launched its Hi-Po EPC security token for accredited Reg-D (Domestic) and Reg-S (International) investors interested in outperforming traditional debt investment vehicles. The BLOCKFLIX™ Hi-Po EPC consists of multiple financing instruments unique to the entertainment production process which focuses on short-term loans backed and insured by established guarantors. These tools leverage the timing intricacies of the entertainment production process with a full-service financing approach to target an investor APR of 12.5% over a capital commitment term of 12-18 months. The best part about it? This investment vehicle is completely decoupled from box office performance and retail consumer acceptance, as BLOCKFLIX™ production capital is almost entirely recouped prior to global distribution and leverages contractual sales guarantees from media outlets. Performance upside is left as pure-profit with our model. 



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Our proven history drives your early-adopter success story.

Due Diligence is Paramount.

We're not new; we're just new to you. The management team at BLOCKFLIX™ has been financing and advising the production of film, television and digital/online content globally for over a decade. The only thing that has changed is we've applied a new blockchain technology layer to our proven strategy (see below), to make this investment accessible to ANY accredited investor without the need to be a Hollywood insider. Quite simply: this couldn't be any farther from your existing or previous investment vehicles, because before BLOCKFLIX™, it didn't exist. 

Now Streaming: 12.5% returns over 18 months.

Early-adopter opportunities are only successful when they are based on sound strategies that balance risk and reward. That's why BLOCKFLIX™ has built revenue streams that are diverse, comprehensive, and streamlined for the producers, directors, and studios that we help finance. In doing this, not only can we unilaterally enable a project to succeed, but it positions us to offer an optimized risk/reward profile by choosing which revenue streams to take part in.

Secured & digitized by blockchain technology.

Enabling investing for a wider audience, with faster, more efficient transactions.

Wall Street is changing, and BLOCKFLIX™ is ahead of the curve by integrating distributed and decentralized investment records on the blockchain. We do so in partnership with tZero, the global leader in blockchain innovation for capital markets. The BLOCKFLIX™ Hi-Po EPC investment is offered as a digital security enabling a range of advantages:

  • Faster transactions with significantly lower fees and reduced overhead from unnecessary intermediaries

  • Wider investor access to a fund previously only available to insiders

  • An immutable and transparent transaction record that clears in minutes, not days

  • More secure and private information flow with reduced exposure to data hacks

Unfamiliar with blockchain? So are a lot of people. Head over to learn how it all works with BLOCKFLIX™, so you can reap same the benefits modern investors are enjoying. 

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The investment process

simplified and streamlined.

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1. Click one of the investor buttons below to get started

Investing in the BLOCKFLIX™ Hi-Po EPC couldn’t be any easier. Click any "Invest Now" button, and you will be asked to initiate the domestic or international accredited investor process. You can also use the "schedule a call" button to connect with us for a deeper discussion about the investment fund and to get a better feel if it's a good fit for your investment goals.

2. Transfer your funds

With a minimum $5,000 USD required to get started, this fund is easily accessible to a much wider audience than once before. Choose a preferred method of transfer, and your investment will immediately go into escrow while your accreditation is vetted by our third party-partner for Reg-D or Reg-S compliance.

3. Pass the accreditation process.

This isn't up to you; you either meet the SEC domestic or international investor accreditation standards or not. Once your financial footing is confirmed, your investment record becomes confirmed on the blockchain for added security devoid of middle-men banking institutions skimming off the top.

4. Watch the returns grow.

We're not bullish on some long-play pie-in-the-sky strategy; we're confident you'll see the same great return on investment rates that we've been creating for over a decade. Once your contribution to the fund starts working in Hollywood to finance the production of film, television and digital/premium online content, interest income is generated for shareholders at an exceptional pace through a variety of production financing vehicles.

5. Become a Hollywood insider.

Interested to see your money at work? Yep, a lot of people are and for good reason. Having some non-tangible investment in a fund containing dozens or hundreds of marginally-exciting companies isn't all that glamorous, especially when you factor in the marginal returns. Visit the set of a film or show in-process and witness the magic that makes you money. This is the experience that earns serious cred at your next dinner party.

6. Withdraw or reinvest.

Tired of building true wealth too fast without being able to enjoy it? We prefer the long-term strategy but who are we to judge. You can choose to withdraw your investment after 18 months if you're satisfied or to keep deploying it to build additional wealth in future studio projects coming soon to a screen near you.

Here’s just a small sample of recent projects we’ve helped produce.